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Painting the exterior region of your residence is an excellent way to give an attractive new look and feel to your home. If you wish to get the excellent finish for your home, residential exterior painting requires highly experienced and skilled painters that have the right experience and the right tool.

PaintIt is a reputed painting company based in Australia that has delivered excellent service and high-quality exterior painting in major cities of Australia at an affordable budget.

As an exterior painting service provider in Australia serving major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth we focus on efficiency, quality preparation, and an excellent product that leaves the customer in satisfaction.

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For the exterior painting of your Australia home, the surface preparation is the significant and first step. In this stage, the exterior of your residence is pressure washed, and all the imperfections are finally fixed. Whether your house needs any fixes like window sealing, gaps caulked, remove stains, or scrape loose paint, our team of professionals do it all to ensure the coating of paint looks great and amazing.
After this phase, we will verify all the doors, windows, lights, are neatly covered, and we start with the actual process of painting. Irrespective of the colour choices, whether you prefer dark to light or light to dark hues, we can assist you with the perfect colour choices for your property.

The exterior painting of your residence ensures whether all outside areas of the house are completely covered with a beautiful paint coat of your choice. Our preparation for the work is included with an outer line of a coat, and the completed product will take the responsibility to protect the exterior of your home for several years.

Exterior Painters

Revamp Your Space with PaintIT’s Painting and Decoration Services

Ready to transform your space with a fresh coat of paint or stunning rendering? Contact PaintIT today for a free consultation and quote! Revitalize your home with the expertise of a professional house painter in Brisbane.

We offer a complete solution for the house renovation including the exterior painting of your residential or commercial property, such as:

  • Exterior house painting
  • Painting and repairing windows
  • Exterior painting services
  • Painting railings and fences
  • Applying to render outside houses
  • Painting and exterior decorating walls
  • Scaffold hire for painting and decorating

Undertaking an exterior painting project is a daunting task, but our professional team members at PaintIt can make it relaxed and hassle-free task for you and your family. With several years of experience, we had done thousands of exterior painting projects, all in varied sizes from small buildings to big complexes. Our team will walk you through the complete process and ensure that you are delighted with the outcome.

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